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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) technology brings you efficient and cost-effective psychophysics-based solutions. Using head-mounted VR devices and virtual hand controllers, plant equipment is simulated inside industrial classrooms to train employees. VR is the prominent virtual reality company in India delivering effective virtual reality (VR) solutions to address your unique challenges.

Virtual Reality or VR is a digitally created 3D environment which is designed to deliver a simulated immersive experience. Users will be able to navigate, perform actions and tasks in this virtual environment.A head mounted device also called as a VR headset is necessary to experience this virtual reality. This device encloses the user’s eyes and disconnects them from the real world. This completely immerses them in the virtual environment allowing the user to experience virtual reality.Virtual Reality can provide entertainment, education, training or any type of benefit desired in a specially designed environment. This environment could be an operation theatre, a factory shop floor, an oil platform, compressor deck, pumping station, an engineering lab etc.VR is one of India’s best Virtual Reality companies which delivers effective virtual reality solutions to address unique challenges.

Virtual Reality technology is used today by enterprises in many different ways. The applications are diverse and vary across several industries in both technical and non-technical applications. VR helps design teams to collaborate more effectively with experts and stakeholders in real time. This comprehensively reduces the time and effort need to complete all necessary reviews with engineers across various disciplines and geographies.VR enables enterprises to improve workforce performance and productivity resulting in reduced downtime and better return on investment.VR training is more effective than conventional training approaches and helps create a more confident workforce. VR provides simulation solutions that can be used to train personnel in operations, maintenance, safety, emergency response, customer service etc.

Virtual Reality applications will definitely transform the way we work, play and live in the 21st century! Facebook is already working on in creating the “Metaverse” for this purpose. It will definitely find greater applications in education, research, industry, safety and of course, social & entertainment. VR technology has advanced tremendously in the past few years. This is proof of its potential to be transformative in several functions. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of virtual reality. This has become a necessity to ensure business continuity. More advances in GPU, Display & Sensor technologies, Advanced AI/Computer vision, 5G networks, Secured Cloud Technologies, Edge-Computing etc. are going to fuel the VR ecosystem. As accessibility increases and cost decreases over the period, VR adoption is going mainstream for several industrial and commercial applications in a very fast phase. The future of VR is solid and it is predicted that whoever not adopting this technology now, will be left behind in the future.