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Animation is the art of animating characters and objects in video games. Video games are changing rapidly as technology advances, so creating a well-animated sequence for them requires both artistic talent and knowledge of computers and their developments.

Programmers can create animations for basic movements. The same applies to professional animators who add personality through facial expressions and emotions. Video game animations must be efficient because they are often created by a team or large group of animators to fit all of the characters and actions in a small amount of memory.

The concept exists in two categories, “in-game” or “cutscene” animations that the creator use to develop characters and story as you play, and pre-rendered or real-time animations that take more time but may be useful for the most dramatic sequences. Of course, video games design has animation in mind, and so it creates unique challenges for those tasked to create the character’s movement.

Animation has become increasingly popular because of the complexity of video game characters in recent years. Video game animations are products of a technique called additive animation. This is when creators put together several images or drawings together to create movement and action.

They are produced on computers using various software, from simple programs like Microsoft PowerPoint to specialized 3D modeling applications such as Autodesk Maya Studio. Unfortunately, Animations can take a long time to produce because of the immense detail required.

The end products may include cut scenes, pre-rendered animations that play before or after levels or during story points, and in-game animations used for movement when playing the game. Animations can be produced by a team of animators working together but are often work of one animator using a program such as Adobe Flash, which allows for quick corrections where needed.