At EYECATCH Studio, we have been assisting our customers with recounting their story since 2013, ensuring they contact a more extensive crowd. You work straightforwardly with hands on specialists, which sets aside you time and cash.

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Eyecatch Studio takes great pride in delivering its 3D projection mapping expertise. We deliver the highest content quality over precisely planned projections to give the best 3D projection mapping experiences ever seen.

3D projection mapping takes video mapping to the next phase, an outstanding way to promote brands and corporate messaging through social media and experiential events. It’s an art of projecting animated images onto a surface to create the vision that the physical structure is metamorphosed into various 3D objects.

Regular video mapping involves projecting content onto a flat surface, where 3D projection mapping can be used to transform any 3D shape into a lifelike display. With 3D projection mapping, the visual potentiality is limitless.